Who is OnlineVirusscan.net?

OnlineVirusscan.net is a fully autonomous and independent website with the aim to inform about the product to consumers.
OnlineVirusscan.net itself is not a company or dealer.

OnlineVirusscan.net works with any given business together?

We have certain requirements that a partner must meet.
For example, we do not work with companies and online stores that barely exist and / or have no familiarity.

How is an order made by OnlineVirusscan.net further handled?

Through the website or shop our partner (s) you can handle your order further auction
For questions or the status of your order, please contact the respective dealership.

I have a question about the product offered on OnlineVirusscan.net?

The offer on OnlineVirusscan.net is managed and updated daily by our partners.
If you have a question about the products offered on OnlineVirusscan.net we ask you to put this question. Directly to the partner

I'd like to advertise on OnlineVirusscan.net?

Every day thousands of consumers visit / business website.
This makes our website a very suitable place to spend. Your (related) products to the attention
Are you interested in advertising on our website, please contact our contact form and selecting "advertise".

OnlineVirusscan.net disclaimer

All products mentioned on this website and related products and / or services are provided by parties other than
OnlineVirusscan.net offered, organized and handled. You order your product (s) is always directly
by and paid directly to the partner by us are checked for reliability in advance.
OnlineVirusscan.net can (in the broadest sense of the word, and not limited to) are not liable for the content, completeness
or accuracy of the links to the services offered by its partners.
Although the information on this website with the utmost care is compiled and continuously
controlled OnlineVirusscan.net can not guarantee that this information is correct.
OnlineVirusscan.net accepts no liability for damage resulting from or arising out of information provided on its website.